McDonald’s Freshly Prepared opens 27th April

Join us from 10:30am on Thursday 27th April at your new McDonald's freshly prepared.

We’ve enhanced your McDonald’s experience, putting technology at the heart of the changes which focus on how you order and pay, and how your food is prepared.

As you arrive the new self-order kiosks mean you can browse th entire menu, check out nutritional information and customise your burger – so no more picking out your gherkins……

Once you’ve completed your order and paid by contactless or card, head to the collection point to receive your food.

In the kitchens, these changes also now mean your food will be made specially to order, with every burger, wrap or sandwixh now being freshly prepared.

While you enjoy your food in the striking new decor, check our newsfeed on one of the free to use tablets, charge your smartphone or make the most of the free Wi-Fi.

Freeport Fleetwood